The Benefits of Cleansing

Raw Green

We all have a busy lifestyle and it can be hard to stop and take a moment to think about what we put into our bodies. From birthday’s at the office to dinner with friends, our health sometimes takes a backseat. It takes almost 18 hours for your body to digest and eliminate one meal!


Here are 5 reasons to get your cleanse on:


  1. It helps digestion. Cleansing gives your digestive system a much needed break. When you jūce, your body absorbs the nutrients within a matter of minutes with out having to do the hard work
  2. Immerse your body in an abundance of vitamins and nutrients. We cold-press pounds of fruits and vegetable into our jūce to get you 10x the amount of vitamins and nutrients you would get from a non-jūce meal.
  3. Bye-bye belly bloat. When cleansing, you eliminate a lot of food that can cause belly bloat such as dairy and processed foods.
  4. Detox your body. Jūcing gives your body a little extra help to rid itself of any lingering toxins.
  5. Enhance your mood. You are what you eat, the more whole, organic, nutrient rich food you eat, the healthier you become and the better you feel!

Happy cleansing!